Birthdays in the House of Daryl…

There have been a few birthdays these past few weeks in my immediate family that I will bring up to date.

Firstly, my baby great-kid Ryan turned from a baby into a toddler when he became 2 years old on 28 February… I brought him a ball pit and balls to go in it and he loves it very much.

Secondly, my great-kid Bethany turned 11 on the 10 March, and I gave her some money and brought her a stationary paper gift pack.

…and on the 14 March, my darling Mam turned 85 years old. She had a birthday party at my house and the great-kids came, as well as my two twin sisters, and we sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to her as we brought her birthday cake in for her.

I love all my family loads…


My Aunty Jean’s funeral…

Aunty Jean

My late aunty… Jean Mary Bolter

The funeral of my Aunty Jean took place yesterday at the Mansfield Crematorium at 1pm.

Her immediate and close family were there to say goodbye to her in a lovely, simple service, as she would’ve loved it.

She was also late for her own funeral – and the fun of that was that she was never a good timekeeper and that seemed appropriate for her… because that is who she was, and who I loved her for.

Be at peace Aunty Jean… I love you and always will xxxx

My Aunty has died…

My beloved mum’s only sister, my Aunty Jean, has died at the age of 85 years.

She had been suffering from vascular dementia for many years and her husband of 63 years died only last year, but she died in hospital of a protracted illness on Thursday.

She was a lovely Aunty and I loved her very much…