My Great-Great Niece

My baby great-great niece

My great-great niece Kiera

I have seen my great-great niece Kiera today for the first time.

Our Lauren gave birth to her on 14 August, and she has called in with her mum Jennine, my niece, and her grandma, my twin sister Jill.

She is a beautiful little girl. She smiles… and not just for wind either! She really does smile when you talk to her. She didn’t even cry whilst she was here.

They are taking her to the East Coast on Tuesday to let my Mam and Mac see her. My Mam has become another great-great grandma for the second time with the birth of Kiera. They are only going for the day, but it will lift my Mam’s spirits to see another of her great-greats come along.


What British weather!

Well, today has been quite a contrast.  This morning was quite sunny and bright, and it has been muggly warm for most of the day, but then this afternoon, the showers started to come and by the time this evening came, the heavens had totally opened up. The rain just suddenly came from nowhere and it absolutely just seemed to fall water from the sky.

Here in the United Kingdom, we accept the British weather as always changeable, but when you actually are British, it gets very boring! It can sometimes feel like winter in the summertime, and can sometimes feel like summer in the wintertime – we are so unpredictable with the good old British weather!

Well… let’s see what tomorrow brings, shall we?

Two sad events this week

This week I have lost two people – one an aunty and the other a close family friend.

My aunty, Elizabeth (Nance) Bailey was 88 years old and died at home. She was my late dad’s sister and the eldest of all my grandma and grandad’s children. My close family friend, Eileen Sylvester, was 69 years old and had been battling cancer. She lost her son quite a few years ago and he was only in his 20s and her husband died only three years ago. She leaves two daughters, Jane and Debbie and her grandchildren.

I was quite close to Eileen. We shared many happy memories together. Two occasions that I can think of is when we were holding a 24-hour darts marathon at our local social club. Her grandson dropped his bottle, and the gas built up in the teet, making it spin round and round, spraying milk on any unfortunate soul who happened to be in its way – she laughed that much, that the next morning she had brusies where she had been slapping herself whilst in hysterics. The other occasion was when we had a new beer launched at the club. The beer, LCL lager, was, what me and her thought, a low alcohol drink, however it wasn’t, it was a low calorie lager drink, whre the sugar had turned into alcohol, making it stronger. Eileen and me drank about 8 pints each and we were fine until it was time to get up and leave the club to go home. I collapsed on the floor, my legs just parted and the next thing I know, Eileen is lay on the floor at the side of me! I thought she had got on the floor to join me, however her legs had parted too! We were both very drunk. They are lovely memories that I have of Eileen and I shall miss her very much.

God bless to both of you!

Hello world!

Hi everyone.

My name is Daryl and I am new to this site – it seems an ideal place to let people know how they are doing, or just to let off some steam about something or other.

I promise that I shall keep my blog up-to-date, so keep popping back and find out what is going off in the life of Daryl.

Why not visit my own personal website? The link is: there is useful information on there, especially if you do quizzes! 😉

I look forward to writing here and keeping you all informed of the world around us! Happy viewing.