Two sad events this week

This week I have lost two people – one an aunty and the other a close family friend.

My aunty, Elizabeth (Nance) Bailey was 88 years old and died at home. She was my late dad’s sister and the eldest of all my grandma and grandad’s children. My close family friend, Eileen Sylvester, was 69 years old and had been battling cancer. She lost her son quite a few years ago and he was only in his 20s and her husband died only three years ago. She leaves two daughters, Jane and Debbie and her grandchildren.

I was quite close to Eileen. We shared many happy memories together. Two occasions that I can think of is when we were holding a 24-hour darts marathon at our local social club. Her grandson dropped his bottle, and the gas built up in the teet, making it spin round and round, spraying milk on any unfortunate soul who happened to be in its way – she laughed that much, that the next morning she had brusies where she had been slapping herself whilst in hysterics. The other occasion was when we had a new beer launched at the club. The beer, LCL lager, was, what me and her thought, a low alcohol drink, however it wasn’t, it was a low calorie lager drink, whre the sugar had turned into alcohol, making it stronger. Eileen and me drank about 8 pints each and we were fine until it was time to get up and leave the club to go home. I collapsed on the floor, my legs just parted and the next thing I know, Eileen is lay on the floor at the side of me! I thought she had got on the floor to join me, however her legs had parted too! We were both very drunk. They are lovely memories that I have of Eileen and I shall miss her very much.

God bless to both of you!


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