Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease

As mentioned on my ‘About Me’ page, I have been diagnosed with the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease. I start retro drug treatment within the next two months which will hold it at bay for quite a few years yet, so the consultant has advised me… so this gives me time to put things in order.

I had noticed that I was getting forgetful, and not absorbing information like I used to… and then my family noticed it as well, and that is when I went to my GP, who referred me to the ‘Working-Age Dementia’ centre in my hometown. From there, after having an initial assessment, an MRI scan, a CT scan and a consultation with a neuro-psychologist, the results were concluded and the news broke to me with the consultation with the consultant at the Queens Medical Centre in Nottingham on the 23 June 2011.

My mother has advanced dementia, and it isn’t nice to see… so I hope that you will give me your support on this blog and help me make awareness more of this devastating illness.

I look forward to your support!