Alzheimer’s follow up

It is nearly one year since I was diagnosed with my Alzheimer’s disease, and there have been ups and downs as is to be expected when you receive such devastating news, especially when you are only in your mid 40s!

I have been put on a medication, specially made for people with the Alzheimer’s symptoms of dementia, called Aricept, and I have been on this medication since August last year. I see a nurse from my local dementia clinic, who is also a CPN named Natasha and she has been extremely helpful in all she has done for me since the diagnosis.

She has sorted out my finances for me, and entitlements for what I am able to claim for, arranged for my medications to be put into blister packs at the pharmacy for me from my GP surgery, sorted me out to get a bank account for me to arrange for my Direct Debits to be made monthly, so as I haven’t got to keep remembering when they are due… as it is very easy, especially with my illness to forget and she has helped me plan for my future wishes, for when a time comes that I am no longer able to make decisions on my own initiative, so as these plans can be carried out by my family knowing that they are my wishes.

I hopefully have quite a good few years before the progressiveness of my illness sets in, which will give me time to have a little enjoyment in life, after still having to care for my mother, who has advanced Alzheimer’s disease, and my stepfather, who has just been diagnosed with moderate dementia, called vascular dementia.

Take care all!


Published by: Daryl2510

My name is Daryl and I was born in October 1965. I was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's Disease in June 2011, and I was put on medication, which I believe is helping keep the worst of the condition at bay. In November 2012 I was also diagnosed with the first stages of Parkinson's Disease and I am now two lots of medication for this illness as well. I live in a secure bungalow in an elderly complex in my hometown of Sutton-in-Ashfield and I have support from the social services and a support worker who visits six hours per week to help me live my life as independently as possible. Visit me on my Facebook page... I love life now, and the people in it - so show your support for me and the organisations that support dementia and Parkinson's disease - let's make this small world of ours a much more pleasant place to live in by caring for those that need that little bit more help in life! My Facebook: Alzheimer's Society: Parkinson's:

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