Windows 8 installed

I have downloaded and installed Windows 8 onto my Acer Touchscreen computer on the day it was released, 26 October 2012, and I have got to say it did the upgrade effortlessly onto my Windows 7 partition.

I had two original versions of Windows 7 installed onto the computer. The original Windows 7 Home Premium that Acer Touchscreen came with, and I also partitioned the drive and put my original version of Windows 7 Professional that I owned on as well. When I upgraded the Home Premium version to Windows 8 Pro it left me my Windows 7 Professional partition as well which I have kept because I can use Windows XP Mode on it to play my music and FME fruit machine emulator.

I am having a wonderful time using it… Even though I have been using my Apple MacBook and Apple iPad and iPhone as well.

Well done Microsoft!



©Daryl Lees 2012


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