USA Election Winner is…

So Barrack Obama has been reelected the President of the United States of America for a second and final term. His opponent, Republican candidate Mick Romney conceded defeat after the President crossed the magic 270 electoral votes needed to secure victory.

The race for the White House was very close this year, but a series of gaffes throughout the campaign by Governor Romney made political headlines – and indeed the American people took notice He did well in the TV debates, trouncing Mr Obama in the first one, but the President bounced back in the second and the third was much more amicable – I suppose personalities and style also played a major part in this election too. The President, the first black US leader, has a more hands on, caring personality whereas Mr Romney seemed distant, especially after bring overheard at a private meeting which he was heard seeming to criticise and categorise over half the American population.

So Barrack Hussein Obama will serve another four years as the Commander-in-Chief before having to stand down at the next presidential election. He fought well… and I personally believe it was victory deserved and earned!


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