Birmingham Mecca Meet

I went to Birmingham on Saturday 8 December with some of the friends that I have made on the FME forums that I am a member of. This particular Meeting is held every six months, the last one we attended was in June this year.

Stef, my chauffeur, and carer for the day, called for me at 8am, and we made our way to Long Eaton to pick up two more friends, Mark and Jon. We left there just after 9am, and we arrived at the home of where the Meeting was taking place at Birmingham, just a little before 10am… perfect timing. Paul, the host, met us, and we then made our way into the basement… where the ‘Aladdin’s Cave’ of fruit machines from the 1970s, 1980s and early 1990s were waiting.

The day didn’t drag… to be honest, it wasn’t long enough! Before we knew it, the time was 5pm, and we had to wind up. I went with £20 in 10p pieces, and I left with over £40 in £1 coins and change – I doubled my money!

On the way back we called at a pub that we went to in the summer, and we stood outside in the smoking shelter. It certainly wasn’t like it was in the summer though… it was bitterly cold. We all had a drink (I had pop because I don’t drink alcohol) and definitely had at a couple of cigarettes before we set off back home towards Long Eaton first, to drop my friends Mark and Jon off, and then Stef brought me back home to my flag – safe and sound… and a very happy choppy!

© Daryl Lees 2012


My new iMac

I have received my new iMac from eBay just recently.

It isn’t the latest release by Apple… it is an early 2008 spec iMac, 20″ and I have upgraded it to the maximum 4GB ram memory (although it unofficially supports 6GB) and I might get one in time to come.

I have dual-booted it with the original Mac OS X Snow Leopard, and also partitioned it and put on and upgraded my OS X Mountain Lion that I purchased from the Mac Apple Store.

I love it! It runs like a dream, and I haven’t once heard the fan kick in on it, and I have done pretty intensive graphic games and apps I use – do it was well worth the £450 I paid on eBay for it… one if my much wiser moves!