Refunds from the local councils

I have received nearly £300 rebate from the local council because I have been out into the Support group on my ESA payment.

I am now entitled to full rent and council tax benefit, even though I wasn’t informed of this, and continued to pay my money each month as required for my rent and council tax.

It has come in nice, admittedly, but it would’ve been nice to have been informed by the DWP that I was entitled to the extra help in the first place – the council told me there had been a change in my circumstances, and I didn’t even know anything about it!

People will say that this is information you should find out yourself, but when you are suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease your memory doesn’t think like that, and a courtesy letter wouldn’t be such a problem, would it?

Anyway, I am much happier now that I am in receipt of full rent and council tax benefit. It will make life a lot more easier for me, even though it is only working out at about £30 per month.


The long-lost King

It was announced yesterday, 4 February, that the bones found in a car park in Leicester, were that of the late Richard III, King of England.

He died in battle in 1485, losing in battle as a Lancastrian to the Yorkist forces of Henry Tudor, who usurped him and became King Henry VII.

After taking DNA tests from the bones that were found, and that of the descendants of the late King, it was confirmed that the remains were that of the English monarch. The postmortem of his death was that he died from severe blows to the head by a sharp instrument, and his body showed the signs that he had been injured in at least 10 places. His bone structure also predominantly shows a large curvature of the spine… something that the late sovereign was renowned for in history.

It has been announced that the late King’s remains will be reburied in Leicester Cathedral, and that some kind of Royal funeral will be held for him… although a State Funeral, which is a right for a Sovereign, has been ruled out because of the passage of time.