Long time… no see!

I am doing an update here… the first one in quite a long time – my apologies.

Because of my condition, it is hard to remember that I have this blog. I have been using it now for nearly three years, before my diagnosis with early onset Alzheimer’s Disease. 

I am going to update now, and put in as much information as I remember.

In May this year I started my first respite care at the Oakdene residential care home in Mansfield. I was in for a week, and I had my own room, with ensuite toilet and its own lock, which allowed me my own privacy, but access was permissible to the carers on duty at the carehome. I had my meals inclusive with the stay as well, which included breakfast, lunch, evening tea and a snack at supper. I could have access to any hot drinks I wanted as well.

The carehome is a place for people with mental health issues who are under the age of 65 years old. I however, got on quite well with most of the residents there, but there were some that, because of their mental health issues, you couldn’t strike a relationship up with.

For the first two days I was there, I did nothing but sleep – I couldn’t believe how physically and mentally I was exhausted. Because I help care for my mother and stepfather, who both have the later stages of Alzheimer’s Disease, and because I hadn’t been looking after my own health, following on from the other condition I was diagnosed with in November 2012, Parkinson’s Disease, I think the total rest just caught up with me.

I have also started daycare therapy at Willow Wood – it is a place for people with physical and mental disabilities, and I attend every Thursday. My mum and stepdad attend on Friday for their daycare.

I have had a financial assessment from the social services, stating that my daycare to Willow Wood is free with the benefits I receive for my conditions from the DWP, and I shall have a contribution paid towards my respite care when I have it. All I have got to pay towards is my transport costs to get to Willow Wood and back home, and any meals that I have there… and of course, towards my respite care.

So that is about it… I have put an app on my iPad and also on my Windows 8 so as I can remember to update my blog here – however I am writing this on my iMac using OS X Mountain Lion!

…speak soon!