A long overdue update…


My Mam and Mac (stepdad) taken with me at my new home, which I’ve affectionately named ‘BungalHome’!

I moved into my new bungalow, which I have affectionately called BungalHome, on 12 October 2013. In time my Alzheimer’s Disease and Parkinson’s Disease will inevitably deteriorate, and it is because because of this, that I was granted a dispensation to get a bungalow within an elderly complex, for security and manageability throughout the years I have left.

Today is the first time that my mother and stepfather has visited my home, as they have had their own troubles with their conditions and trying to get them both into a carehome – well now we have – we are all settled, as they both have single beds in the same room at Loxley Lodge, and they are together being looked after much more ably than I have been able to do because of my conditions.

We had a very lovely time whilst they were here… my own support worker brought her Jeep so as it made it able to bring them both to bring them to my bungalow and take them back to their carehome, and I really had a lovely day!


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