This and that…

I have had an eventLawn 2ful few weeks since my last blog, and to be honest it has all been good so far…

…I’ve often wondered what it would be like to actually be in a good frame of mind, in fact I had forgotten what it was like to even have one – but I have again at last found it – and believe it is a wonderful feeling to have after years of turmoil, emotion and acceptance of situations and life in general!

Today has been an example of the kind of feeling I have had. My nephew Roy came over with his partSutton-Lawn-Damner and their children, and we only went to the local park that is a five-minute walk from where I live. But the really wonderful thing about it was that I was acknowledging the fact that I was out with them, the glorious weather we’ve been having and seeing my great nephews and
great niece really enjoying themselves and falling out with each other as to who was going to hold my hand whilst we walked in the park (I have my walking stick in the other, so only one hand was available) and just ‘being there’ at that moment in time – it was just magical!

We then all came back to my bungalow (BungalHome) and I ordered a Chinese takeaway for our late teas… and the excitement of the kids as they ate their dinners on the patio on my back garden – I have never bSutton Lawneen able to see all of these things this past few years, and it was like an epiphany – I have at long last realised that I have now ‘come back home’ for good – and I love it!


Published by: Daryl2510

My name is Daryl and I was born in October 1965. I was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's Disease in June 2011, and I was put on medication, which I believe is helping keep the worst of the condition at bay. In November 2012 I was also diagnosed with the first stages of Parkinson's Disease and I am now two lots of medication for this illness as well. I live in a secure bungalow in an elderly complex in my hometown of Sutton-in-Ashfield and I have support from the social services and a support worker who visits six hours per week to help me live my life as independently as possible. Visit me on my Facebook page... I love life now, and the people in it - so show your support for me and the organisations that support dementia and Parkinson's disease - let's make this small world of ours a much more pleasant place to live in by caring for those that need that little bit more help in life! My Facebook: Alzheimer's Society: Parkinson's:

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