A clean break…

ImageI’ve made a big decision today…

…although in fact I had made it a few weeks ago, but have only just actioned it to take place.

I have been into fruit machine emulation for well over a decade. For all of those who aren’t aware of what fruit machine emulation is (FME for short and future reference) it is the emulation of fruit (slot machines) that were played in the amusement arcades of the UK throughout the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s – up to and including some of the present slots available to play now.

For two years I was also honoured and privileged to have been made a Moderator at the main site for FME and downloads to play it called Fruit Emu. Whilst there I found and made quite a few personal friends who I have had the privilege to meet in real life and we have had some fun, and tears along the way.

Today I have resigned (or rather retired) officially as a Moderator there, and also as a member, along with two other sites that I also visited that were FME related at one time or another. I haven’t done this rashly, as mentioned earlier, but as a long-though out process which I have finally braced and sanctioned today. 

To say I feel relieved is an understatement – I feel extremely vitalised by the decision I have made, but also, as expected a little sad too… but when you lose the passion for something, and no longer wish to be a part of it, then it is best to make that clean break and that is what I have done. I don’t regret it one bit – I have a future that is limited I know, so that is why I wish to embrace what I do have with a clear mind and full energy, and not be held back by ghosts of the past – and that is what FME is for me now.

the friends I have made I have them on Facebook – the enemies I have made along the way in the FME scene will no doubt be sighing a big breath of relief – but either way, I know I will have left my mark on the fruit emulation scene, and hopefully Fruit Emu itself!

Goodbye to all that – hello to what is to come!


3 thoughts on “A clean break…

  1. All the best for the future, whatever it may hold for you.
    so sad to hear you have resigned from the fruit emu forums.
    take care bud. bally aka hitthesix

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