So begins another day…

A strange day Saturday was as all my fruit emulation forum accounts have been closed on the same day. Although I knew it was going to happen, and indeed wanted it to happen, it is still a part – a big part – of my life that I have closed because of the changes I am needing to make.

The weather hasn’t helped today either… we have had very heavy downpours, and as if the weather was knowing how I might be feeling – it decided that I should have a leaking porch way roof! I have got the emergency council home repairs coming out Sunday morning to come abc repair it. My nephew stood on my wheelie bin and said I have a big puddle on my roof porch and that is where the leak is coming in.

So today starts a new chapter in the life of Daryl – and if it is like previous chapters in my life then I know that it sure won’t be uneventful!

20140525-015354 am-6834451.jpg


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