My England…

ImageMy England…

…it isn’t just football. It is a knowledge that I belong to a country, that for its size and vulnerability, has stood unconquered for nearly 1,000 years. It is about a heritage of pride, passion, invention and learning.

We have a sense of ‘fair play’ – and we don’t all have a stiff upper lip, despite the portrayal of such… we have emotions, and in recent times we have shown them.

In good times and bad, we have always rallied together to overcome the odds, to beat the odds and to even the odds – we have a military that we can rely on, trust and know we will always be safe with. Our Royal Family, particularly our Queen, is the most famous and respected royal family in the whole world.

Our care for each other, especially to family, friends and neighbours, despite many stories that seem to contradict it, is renown – but never really ‘talked about’.

All this is MY England… it isn’t just football!


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