It’s a funny old world…


After the disappointment of England failing miserably in the football World Cup 2014, Wimbledon started, and just as always, the majority of British players bombed out within the first two rounds…



English_flag…we have just one hope left, Andy Murray, the No 3 seed and last year’s Wimbledon Men’s Final winner – the first time a British man has won the championship in over seven decades.

There is bitter-sweet emotions to this… although he is British, and I am extremely proud of that, he has let his feelings known that he does it for his home country of Scotland, rather than for the rest of Great Britain as a whole. Whilst I understand his patriotism (I always say that I’m English first before I say I’m British), it has taken the edge off of wanting to support him fully to achieve the ‘double’.

uk4I do wish him well, but the support for him isn’t there, after he let his feelings known a few years ago, and I find that a shame because we don’t really have any more British taken that is worth shouting about, except for athletics.

Anyway, Mr Andy Murray, you will be British if you win Wimbledon this year… but perhaps next year???


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