Death of a family member…

I6990_1 am saddened this week to announce the death of my late father’s sister, my Aunty Clara, who has died at the age 86 following a struggle with Alzheimer’s Disease these past two years or so.

We were quite close, but these past few months she became increasingly more confused, and up to two weeks ago, never even acknowledged or recognised who I was.

Dementia runs on both sides of my parents’ families, but it within my father’s side, the illness takes a rapid and deteriorating approach much for quickly than that of my mother’s hereditary condition.

My Aunty Clara was a devout Christian, and no doubt there will be some religious ceremony at her funeral, but I must attend it, as both a representative of my late father, and also as someone who found himself over the years becoming very fond of his aunty… especially her humour, which couldn’t be very caustic and dry – quite like mine!

Be at peace Aunty Clara… you are with those you’ve loved and lost now – and more than that – you’re free!


Published by: Daryl2510

My name is Daryl and I was born in October 1965. I was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's Disease in June 2011, and I was put on medication, which I believe is helping keep the worst of the condition at bay. In November 2012 I was also diagnosed with the first stages of Parkinson's Disease and I am now two lots of medication for this illness as well. I live in a secure bungalow in an elderly complex in my hometown of Sutton-in-Ashfield and I have support from the social services and a support worker who visits six hours per week to help me live my life as independently as possible. Visit me on my Facebook page... I love life now, and the people in it - so show your support for me and the organisations that support dementia and Parkinson's disease - let's make this small world of ours a much more pleasant place to live in by caring for those that need that little bit more help in life! My Facebook: Alzheimer's Society: Parkinson's:

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