A long week ahead…

My support worker is going on holiday this week and isn’t due back to her carer’s role until a week on Monday… I wish her a very happy holiday, it has to be thoroughly earned.

On my four hour visit with her on Thursday gone, we tried to do as much as possible (and didn’t quite succeed) so as to make it more comfortable and manageable for me over the next nine days until she visits me again.

We went into town and did a massive shop to make sure that I had enough provisions to last me for nearly two weeks – and her fear I was having a seizure at the store’s checkout when the woman serving us told me how much the shopping bill had come to!

All my main utility bills are paid, and come her next visit, the others that will be due can be paid also – so there isn’t a problem financially as such, but emotionally there will be.

She is the only person I ever really have contact with on a personal level at my home… I very rarely have family members or visitors come and see me you see. There isn’t any physical or friendship emotion with her on a personal level at all, it is just the fact that you know you are definitely going to have a visitor that makes things tolerable – and suddenly realising that you probably aren’t going to see anyone at all for nearly a fortnight, with just yourself for company, is hardly knicker-wagging!

But I will get through it, as I normally do all such obstacles that come my way… but I have insisted that she brings me a stick of rock back!


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