My iMac… and the magical of it



As I progress through my condition, the appearance of my writing and state of my spelling leaves a lot to be desired… in fact even I struggle to see what I have written myself!

This is where my iMac and MacBook, and in particular Apple computers come into their own. They have, as standard a built-in word autocorrect that you can turn on through the Language settings of the System Preferences – Windows doesn’t have this feature built in as standard through any program where to have to type. But OS X does and why I love Apple computers in particular.

Also with the Apple OS X desktop compared to Windows desktops, you can add ‘Live’ wallpaper that looks so realistic, compared to the Windows 3D animated that you get… actual film clips can be run in the background, without it disrupting any other app running and because each app on a Mac computer is allocated its own RAM memory percentage, this won’t be shared with any other app you run, so therefore each app runs individually on its own ‘steam’ so to speak.

I use a live desktop app called ‘Living Weather HD’, which I purchased when it was on a 80% discount (£0.69) and with this I get an animated realtime clock which you can set at either 12 or 24 hours, the up-to-the-minute weather forecast, updated every minute, from your own town (either using System Location sensors or manually typing in your town) and a live animated desktop background feature using the current weather conditions at the time – and these past couple of weeks sure have been sunny and hot here in the Great East Midlands!

I’ve added a 10+ second clip of it, just to show what I mean… I can feel quite relaxed just looking at my iMac desktop without even using the computer – the scenes are simply beautiful!


Enjoy —>   


2 thoughts on “My iMac… and the magical of it

    • Cheers Rik mate… I find it very relaxing at night when I’m on the computer with the lamp on in the living room.

      Awkward to type though with a black, Mac keyboard!! 😉

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