A little update…

I’m going to the coast tomorrow – just for a couple of days to meet my nephew and his family who are already on holiday there.

I haven’t had a real holiday for over 5 years now so this couple of days will no doubt be hectic, but I know will definitely recharge the old batteries… that have certainly been a little flat of late.

My support worker is going to take me to Newark railway station and from there I am going to make my way to Lincoln, where I will catch the service bus to Skegness – and from there travel to Chapel-St-Leonards to meet the family around tea time.

I’ve done a travel itinerary for my times and have left me enough time to ‘hobble’ between the terminus and stations. I’ve also done a checklist and my support worker has helped me pack a shoulder bag for me to take with a change of clothes, medication and of course my mobile phone and charger!

I’m looking forward to it… the travelling, as I never thought I would do it again, and meeting my family members who are on holiday there and those that live there too.

It’s also my great nephew Joshua Daryl’s birthday on Friday and I will be able to see him on it now as well.

Good days…


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