Abscess without leave…

So I never made it to Skegness…

On the day I was meant to go, I was awoken in the early hours with a very sharp, and aching pain on the top of my left leg – and found what I thought was a massive boil that looked like a giant nipple!

My support worker came that morning as she was taking me to the railway station to catch the train and I showed it her, and within 20 minutes I was at the GP surgery. After about an hour and a half waiting the nurse went for the GP who did a little surgery to lance it, put a clip on it and dressed it up. I was told then that it was an abscess and not a boil and it needed lancing to let the infection out. I have been given a course of antibiotics and if all is well, I haven’t got to go back, as I have been given some extra dressings to put on myself every other day.

So the seaside didn’t beckon, as seeing as though I haven’t been away for over 5 years now, I’m sure that I can wait a little while longer before I get actually get to the coast again.


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