Our Disunited Kingdom…

Union JackSo on Friday the result was in, and the people of Scotland chose to stay within our United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland…

…but it just doesn’t end there now: a genii has been unleashed out of the bottle that I don’t believe will ever be put back in again, and not just from the disquiet people of one and a half million Scots either!

Already there are calls that if Scotland are going to now receive all these extra powers for some kind of ‘Home Rule’ within the Union, then why shouldn’t the people of Wales, Northern Ireland, and significantly, England?

Why should MPs from constituencies in Scotland have the right to vote on policy matters that involve England, when in turn the English constituent MPs CAN’T vote on matters that involve Scotland?

Can you see the logic, and indeed problems that are going to arise because of this promise from Unionist leaders who wanted to keep Scotland in the ‘family of the Union’ and the growing unrest from all other citizens within the UK if they are going to be treated as ‘second rate’ to keep the Scottish people happy?

The referendum – you might think – should’ve resolved and sorted this problem out once and for all… in fact it has created a constitutional crisis the like of which the United Kingdom hasn’t faced since it was enacted into being over 370 years ago!