My ‘Andy Warhol’ moment of fame…

I have had my story told on how I live with Alzheimer’s Disease and also was, at one time, a carer too coping with all the complications that both can bring.

The story I have told on this website before… but to cut the long story short – and for it to be told in far better words from the writer of the piece than I ever could – I will put the link below and you can go and have a read if you wish.

The photos of me hardly do the article any favours, but the words written by the editor do – and with quotes from myself as I was relaying my diagnosis and care to her – help make sense of a truly horrible place I was once in… no, things haven’t changed really – but life is so much easier to cope with when you have the right help and support in place.

Anyhow, the link is below… enjoy the read!

Living With Dementia Stories

The story is called ‘Both Sides’ and has me sitting at my computer!


Happy New Year…

Happy-new-year-best-wishes-wallpapers-3On behalf of myself and my family I would like to wish everyone a peaceful, prosperous and happy New Year 2015…

…I look forward to continuing my blog throughout the year with updates for all to keep up with in the life of Daryl!