Solar eclipse in the UK…


The solar eclipse at my home on Friday 20 March 2015

There has been a solar eclipse here in the UK on Friday 20 March… the majority of the UK was treated to between 95%/98% maximum totality – but in the UK island of the Faroe Isles, they got a full ‘total eclipse’.

It started to happen around 8:25am when the Moon started to ‘nibble’ across the surface of the Sun – we reached maximum totality around 9:30am where I lived and for a few minutes before, during and a few minutes after – twilight descended in the middle of the morning. A cold, fresh breeze blew, the birds stopped singing and a ‘creepy’ atmosphere settled over the area where I live – but it was oh, so magical – and something I wouldn’t have missed for the world!

The event was over at around 10:20am, when the Moon left completely covering the surface of the Sun… and all was well with the world again!


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