British politics… and our indecision

Opinion polls predicted a hung parliament… The TV pundits predicted a hung parliament and even the politicians themselves admitted that their might be a hung parliament.

What happened? The Conservative Party got in and won with an overall majority to govern on their own! So what happened here?

Why were the opinion polls so wide of the mark? Why were the TV pundits so wide of the mark? Why were the politicians themselves so wide of the mark?

My reasoning is this: that deep at heart the majority of people within the UK are conservative in their politics (meant with a lowercase “c” there). As much as it seems that a majority of people within the popular vote hate the Tory party – within the constituencies themselves where ‘first past the post’ in UK politics count, the majority of people within the districts themselves realised that what the other political parties offered weren’t up to what they actually thought that they could deliver. 

Europe and its immigration seems to be playing a role in this too. I’m not in any way racist or biased against any nationality and indeed welcome with open arms any persons from overseas who are willing to come to the UK and contribute towards the economy and welfare of my country. What I am against in totality is the immigration figures rising rapidly from European countries that find our benefits system ‘lucrative’ and easily exploit it, along with the NHS – set up after World War II to help protect citizens of the UK in their health from ‘the cradle to the grave’

This same NHS is buckling under the pressure not only of the people of the UK living longer and better medical cures, but also the immigration of other countries that can actually come over here, especially from Europe, and be entitled to use the NHS and benefits as any UK citizen can… Because they’re are part of the European Union!

How can this be? When we have to visit or go to their countries we still have to take out medical insurance in case we take ill in their countries – yet those same citizens of the European Union can come over here and use our NHS free – because it is for UK citizens and therefore is for the citizens of the European Union.

The NHS was never set up for this, and neither was the benefits system here within the UK. It cannot cope with it, and consequently, the people who suffer most is the most vulnerable people who are British citizens and can easily be ‘picked’ on by the government, without fear that the European Union will get in a huff about it because the UK government isn’t picking on ‘European’ nationals! That is so wrong on so many levels!

At least this government, now it has a majority of its own to govern, has promised a referendum on whether we wish to keep the status quo as it is… I can definitely say now that I will be voting ‘YES’ in the referendum to leave the European Union, if some kind of negotiations aren’t achieved by this government.

I am not a Conservative voter and disagree with many of their policies, especially against the disabled and vulnerable  ( I should know with the complications their policies have caused me since my diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease and Parkinson’s Disease) – but I will support them on their stance against the European Union and the utter devastation immigration from the some European countries have caused people here in the UK – it has to stop and soon!


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