Labour after the general election…

The outcome of the general election couldn’t have been worse for the Labour Party – it certainly wasn’t the outcome the polls, pundits or even the politicians had predicted as I have mentioned before.

So what will the Labour Party do to get the chance of being elected again in 5 years time?

The leader up to the general election, Ed Miliband has tendered his resignation and walked away from the aftermath. Two candidates who were thought to be great future leaders have pulled out of the running – and currently the people who are running for the leadership are either left or right of position of the middle ground.

The Labour Party have certainly got to learn from what has happened, that is for sure… but will the party do as it always has done when in times of collapse and come to the brink of self-destruction? Or will it, like it did by the time of the general election in 1997 – manage, with the right leader at the right time – win a massive majority once again and get back into power in a different direction, like ‘New Labour’ achieved?

I personally think now that the name itself, ‘Labour’ is very outdated, socialist and working class sounding. After they have elected a new leader and deputy leader, I believe that the party itself has got to look for a new identity – and name!

It has got tot  appeal once more not to just the working class and those who receive benefits – but also to those who have achieved status in life and who also earn.

Now as you know because of my conditions I cannot work – but before I became ill I had always worked from leaving school. I’ve never been a snob or thought myself above my station, but I do believe that if you earn your own money, your own self-esteem feels so much better. Even when I worked, I ever earned a great wage, but it was liveable, manageable and made me comfortable to to get what I always wanted and do what I always wanted to do.

There is nothing wrong with that, but Labour seemed to miss this totally at this general election – they left the majority of people who may have voted for them way behind.

The name ‘Labour’ now doesn’t seem appropriate or fitting for today’s society and needs and changes and a new name, with a revamped image is almost certainly needed I believe before they can ever become credible in the eyes of those that lost them their ‘victory’ this time.

May I recommend the ‘Peoples Democratic Party’ – it hasn’t been used before and I believe may be the fresh start that the party so desperately and deservedly needs!


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