Is Microsoft going the same way as Apple with their OS?

It has struck me that when Apple got to the tenth version of their operating system, they changed their whole format and GUI and launched OS X – after always using the actual number previously… ie, OS9, OS8 etc.

Now, with the forthcoming release of Windows 10 on 29 July, Microsoft has stated that this will be their last official version of Windows as an operating system… so what does that actually mean?

Microsoft won’t simply just stop making operating systems – it is what they have continuously done for the last 30 years (and although they’ve had their bloomers with the likes of Windows ME, Windows Vista and the dreaded last operating system Windows 8) – they have pretty much held the field in all distributing operating systems for most of the computers used throughout the world. So what can they actually mean by saying that?

Mac OS X

Apple’s operating system, OS X (X being 10 in Roman numerals)…

Well, I personally believe that they shall be heading the same way as Apple has with their operating system OS X. Every update was labelled similar to the operating system version (X = meaning the numerical Roman number 10) from 10.1 up until the latest operating system released, OS X 10.10 (yes, a zero can be added after the decimal point on this occasion because it is being used as a version number and not a decimal number). Later this year Apple will be introducing their latest version for Mac computers which will be number OS X 10.11.


Microsoft’s operating system, Windows (their latest version is now 10 too)…

I think Windows will now be heading this route with Windows 10 too… in July it’ll be Windows 10 released, and further down the line when major updates are due, or when Windows would’ve released a new operating system, they’ll probably release Windows 10.1, then Windows 10.2 etc – in fact they had already started to do this with Windows 8… after its disastrous conception and adoption, instead of releasing Windows 9, they just did a major update and gave a similar Start menu back as well as other tidying up and released as Windows 8.1.

So, I do believe Windows will ALWAYS continue to be developed, but I personally do believe that now they’ll be taking the same route as Apple did over a decade ago now, and just revise the version 10 of Windows with added edition numbers to the end of it as a continuous update.