Daryl in the ‘Golden Years’…

FB_IMG_1443970604738on Sunday 25 October 2015 I turned 50… something I didn’t expect to see or indeed even remember – I’m glad I am wrong on both accounts!

The Golden Years… it has a kind of finality to it, but a beauty with it as well.

I don’t feel any ‘older’ – in fact I do not feel any different at all… the only notices I have seemed to be aware of since turning the BIG50 has been the number of emails, letters and telephone calls offering me funeral plans and over 50s life cover… charming!

The day itself was lovely… at about 6:30am I had ‘happy birthday to you’ being sung in my earhole in bed by my beautiful and lovely great-nephew Joshua, followed by a massive kiss and hug – how could anyone not wake up so happy to that touching and moving start to the day?!

I made us breakfast and he helped me open my birthday cards and gifts before my support worker came (I booked her for 4 hours to help me cope with the day) – she helped me get ready (and look smart) and then she took us to see my Mam and Mac at their carehome at Loxley Lodge.

We got my Mam and stepdad ready and then I took them, along with our Joshua to the Wetherspoon’s pub in Kirkby-in-Ashfield – where my nephew Roy’s partner Katie (Joshua’s mum) and my other two great-kins met us and we all had a meal in there to celebrate my big day. We all had plenty to eat and drink (non-alcoholic, of course) and then we took my Mam and stepdad Mac back to Loxley Lodge – knowing I had shared a few hours with the lady who helped me achieve this momentous day… I wouldn’t have been here if not for my Mam, so it was only right that I spend as much as the day as I could with her, even though, bless her, she was blissfully unaware that it was my birthday at all!

After we had dropped them off back at their carehome, we all made our way to my twin sister Jill’s house, where my other twin sister, June is also staying and I had an hour with them, before going to the place I worked for many years, the Coronation Club, to see my dearest two friends Vanessa and Michele and their families – and that was so lovely too!

After that, we made our way to Roy and Katie’s house where I had another hour’s rest, before coming back home, with our Joshua and then Bethany in tow, to help me celebrate and finish my 50th birthday night back at my home… I brought a can of lager and made lots of shandies, and the babies thought it was fun and lovely.

So after such an eventful day, how could going into the Golden Years be so dreadful – I thought the transition was lovely and smooth and I can highly recommend being 50!

Here’s to the next ‘Half Century’! 😉