A New Year…


I hope that everyone has recovered!

I ¬†also hope that you’ve all had a wonderful Christmastime and that the New Year will bring all of you good health, happiness and peace to you and all those that you love.

We have a ‘Leap-day’ this year too… and extra day in the year – which I think is just a way to drag the year on that little bit longer in my opinion!

I will try and keep this website blog updated – I haven’t done too badly in 2015 I thought, but it does tend to get a little difficult to remember I have this site… I’ve now added it to my ‘Favourites’ on my bookmarks in all my browsers – so no matter which computer I go on, Windows or Mac OS X, or even Linux, the site will be synced with the browsers… so you might even hear more from me now!

Happy New Year 2016!