The weird world of UK politics…

It has been a tumultuous month in the United Kingdom for politics, not only for the pundits and politicians in Westminster – but for the people of the United Kingdom as a whole.

eu_image_2_0On 23 June, the UK voted to leave the EU… by 52% – it isn’t what the country (especially those in power, business, wealth and industry wanted or expected) thought would happen, but the majority had had enough of EU regulations, bureaucacy and political interference in the running of lives of the people of Great Britain. Immigration also played a part of it too. The government had been promising to get immigration figures down, but EU laws insisted that EU citizens must be allowed to flow freely within the UK without any check – and to be honest, it all got too much for the country to┬ácope with.

This of course led to the untenable situation of a prime minister who had supported and urged the country to vote ‘Remain’ to have to resign. David Cameron came out on the day the vote was declared and told the country that he wouldn’t be able to carry on as prime minister in light of the vote and to leave the EU and that a new Conservative party leader, thus being the new PM, would have to be elected to do this.

Within days people were standing for nominations – there was backstabbing, whispers, rumours and dirty tricks galore in the Tory party with the nominations, which led to the expected candidate and odds-on winner, Boris Johnson, not standing at all.

There were 5 nominations in all… after three were eliminated, it left just two people, both women, left for the leadership battle… Angela Leadsom and Theresa May. Within days, Anglea Leadsom had made a series of gaffe interviews which made her position in the race, and in the party, untenable, and she pulled out, leaving a ‘coronation’ of Theresa May to become party leader and thus the PM.

PM MayOn 13 July, after David Cameron had made a farewell speech with his wife and family outside No 10 Downing Street, he went to see The Queen and tendered his resignation as Premier. Almost immediately as he pulled out of Buckingham Palace gates, a car was swept in containing Theresa May and her husband Philip… she was asked by The Queen if she could form a government, to which she replied ‘yes’ and then The Queen made her Prime Minister.