My 51st birthday 

I had a great 51st birthday…

I stayed at my nephew’s house with the great-kids there to bring it in and we were up at 6am – not through excitement – but because the youngest great-kid, who is just 7 months old, was up… and that everyone else was, bless him!

At around lunchtime my nephew’s partner and the great-kids had a walk into Kirkby town centre and we did a little shopping before going to see my Mam and Mac at Loxley Lodge. My Mam, obviously wasn’t aware that it was my birthday, but she was in a lovely mood, and because of this, made the day much more pleasanter – my stepsister arrived and brought me my birthday cards from my Mam and Mac and also from her and after about 2 hours we headed off back to my nephew’s house, where my nephew’s partner had made us all spaghetti bolognaise for tea.

After that, we just chilled for the rest of the evening and I was in bed for 10pm – that must be part of getting old!

A great day with all the family that matters to me and who bother with me – and I couldn’t have asked for anymore than that. A great day and a wonderful birthday as a bonus!


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