Needle in the foot…

17626404_10155291898351802_3427369772698183044_nI have had to go and see my GP today and have a steroid injection inserted into my left heel as I have a condition called plantar fasciitis – which my doctor says is ‘wear & tear for my age’… I am only 51!

It was very painful I can tell you to have done, as the whole of the needle is inserted deep into the heel and left pulled back out and moved about to get the steroid fluid into different parts of the plantar fasciitis area… I thought I was going to kick him in the face a couple of times!

Hopefully though, after a couple of days when the tenderness, soreness and aching from the injection has worn off, the long-term effects of the steroid injection will do its job and give me much more comfort when I’m walking about.


Birthdays galore!

My Mam… my mother, Jill, turns 84 and stepdad Mac turns 74

Ryan… my great-kid turns 1

Bethany… my great-kid turns 10

There has been four birthdays of note this past month…

My great-kid Ryan turned 1 year old on 28 February. On the 1 March my stepdad Mac turned 74.

On 10 March my great-kid Bethany turned 10 and on the 14 March my Mam celebrated her 84th birthday. 

It has been birthday cards and gifts galore that have had to be brought – but for those you love very much – that is never a problem or expense worth worrying about!