Another fine mess we’ve gotten into…

The general election… supposed to settle the situation of Brexit and provide ‘strong and stable’ government.

This morning the country has woken up to a hung parliament and ‘weak and wobbly’ government because the PM had lost her majority… cock-sure she was in polling position to win a massive majority.

The next few days are vital for the UK to pull together… It is going to be difficult to do so however because  our politics are in such a mess!

A coalition is being negotiated with the DUP (Northern Ireland party) to maintain the government’s working minority… fraught with repercussions for the peace process in Northern Ireland – and the Prime Minister warned of a ‘coalition of chaos’ if she lost – it looks like that now, with her, and solely her, responsible for it all!


Another X to count… 

For the third time in two years, our country goes to the polls once again, this time for another general election…

Don’t let voter fatigue set in – it is tedious and boring, I know… But many in past generations lost their lives, or had their lives altered, in order for you to maintain YOUR right to pick and choose the government of your choice.

Use your vote wisely, according to your party allegiance, local candidate or government choice – but USE your vote!

Take a black pen with you and put your ‘X’ in the candidate you want to choose (there are pencils provided, but to ensure your vote isn’t tampered with by local authorities, use a black pen).

I’m not going to tell you who I’m voting for, or indeed, who you should vote for either… But please – just VOTE! ✖️

D-Day… Then and now


On this day, in June 1944, the UK and the Allies of World War II invaded France to overcome an enemy that had engulfed more or less the whole of the European continent – a regime that was hellbent on conquering and imposing their way of life on all countries it took over – eliminating entire races, religions, genders and ways of life…

The NAZIS were defeated and lost!

This 6 June 2017, we have paid silence, for so many yet again, for another terrorist attack on our beloved country, its people and its way of life.

The NAZIS didn’t win then – and these fundamental terrorists will NOT win now!

We are a kingdom that is united – we are the UNITED KINGDOM…