I thought I lived in a ‘democracy’…

On 23 June 2016, 52% of the United Kingdom voted to leave the EU (European Union) – I was one of them…

After that day, I thought we could branch out after 40 plus years of choking EU bureaucracy that has stifled the UK and bonded it ever closer to a European ‘superstate’ – something that the UK never wanted, and when given the chance, chose to leave the rest of the political EU to their games.

Today, the lily-livered Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Theresa ‘the appeaser’ May, and her Cabinet at the PM country retreat house, Chequers, more or less rode over the democratic vote of the people on that day in June two years ago and surrendered our country to the EU, with the affront to say that we are ‘leaving’!

This won’t stand – they might have sold out to each other in that room they ‘battled’ it out together – but the rest of the nation is not going to sit idly by and see the government that was supposed to see the peoples’ will carried through, totally ignore it!



Needle in the foot…

17626404_10155291898351802_3427369772698183044_nI have had to go and see my GP today and have a steroid injection inserted into my left heel as I have a condition called plantar fasciitis – which my doctor says is ‘wear & tear for my age’… I am only 51!

It was very painful I can tell you to have done, as the whole of the needle is inserted deep into the heel and left pulled back out and moved about to get the steroid fluid into different parts of the plantar fasciitis area… I thought I was going to kick him in the face a couple of times!

Hopefully though, after a couple of days when the tenderness, soreness and aching from the injection has worn off, the long-term effects of the steroid injection will do its job and give me much more comfort when I’m walking about.

‘Happy’ New Year… 2017

Happy New Year everyone…

I hope that you all have a peaceful and happy one… I certainly hope that my start to the new year doesn’t begin as it ended over the last few weeks!

My Mam was rushed into A&E about three weeks before Christmas with pneumonia… I rushed to the hospital to be with her, forgetting to take my own meds and was there over 12 hours with her, before my stepsister came to bring us back home… She was released home under the care of the staff at her carehome, otherwise they were going to keep her in hospital but heavily sedate her because of her advanced Alzheimer’s Disease – it was an easy decision for me to make to let her go back home, as I believe that she would’ve died in hospital under sedation, trying to clear her airways of  the infection.

About a week later, I started to feel unwell… I shrugged it off as a heavy cold at first because that is what it just felt like – but then a few days before Christmas I was having to be laid up in bed, not being able to move and totally feeling as if I wasn’t in my body at all… I felt awful. I shrugged it off after a few days because Christmas was coming and I went to my nephew’s house to be with the kids for the festive holidays – feeling dreadful, but a bit more functional than I had felt for a few days.

However, a couple of days before New Year’s Eve, I went to the shop and when I got in again, I passed out and when I came round my nephew had come and somehow managed to get me into bed… It is a good job he was coming that day otherwise how long I would’ve been on the floor, no one knows!

He managed to get me an emergency appointment at my GP surgery on 30 December, and my GP said that I had pneumonia and had had a flu virus, and that I should’ve gone to have seen him much before I did (which is contradictory at my GP surgery as you have to be dead usually for a fortnight before you get an appointment 😉 ).

Anyway. I have been put on two lots of antibiotics and have got to have an ECG and full blood tests next week, as it has had an affect on my heart with all the fluid (which I thought was just snotty cold lol).

Hopefully I will be on the mend soon…

Take care, Daryl x

A New Year…


I hope that everyone has recovered!

I  also hope that you’ve all had a wonderful Christmastime and that the New Year will bring all of you good health, happiness and peace to you and all those that you love.

We have a ‘Leap-day’ this year too… and extra day in the year – which I think is just a way to drag the year on that little bit longer in my opinion!

I will try and keep this website blog updated – I haven’t done too badly in 2015 I thought, but it does tend to get a little difficult to remember I have this site… I’ve now added it to my ‘Favourites’ on my bookmarks in all my browsers – so no matter which computer I go on, Windows or Mac OS X, or even Linux, the site will be synced with the browsers… so you might even hear more from me now!

Happy New Year 2016!