A little update…

I haven’t written to the website for awhile because… well, I simply forgot too!

Tonight is the SuperMoon and also a lunar eclipse, something so rare that the last time it happened was 30 years ago and won’t happen again for another 18 years – so you can bet I will be keeping an eye out in the early hours of the morning for it and post any photos that I can to show here.

I’m doing OK on a personal level, as is my mum and stepdad in their carehome – I suppose I’m lucky in the fact that everything is in place and that when my time comes for going into ‘ga-ga-land’ – I know everything will be as functional as possible for me, because I’ve made damn-well certain that they are!


Solar eclipse in the UK…


The solar eclipse at my home on Friday 20 March 2015

There has been a solar eclipse here in the UK on Friday 20 March… the majority of the UK was treated to between 95%/98% maximum totality – but in the UK island of the Faroe Isles, they got a full ‘total eclipse’.

It started to happen around 8:25am when the Moon started to ‘nibble’ across the surface of the Sun – we reached maximum totality around 9:30am where I lived and for a few minutes before, during and a few minutes after – twilight descended in the middle of the morning. A cold, fresh breeze blew, the birds stopped singing and a ‘creepy’ atmosphere settled over the area where I live – but it was oh, so magical – and something I wouldn’t have missed for the world!

The event was over at around 10:20am, when the Moon left completely covering the surface of the Sun… and all was well with the world again!

I’m still here…

I’m sorry for the lack of updates recently…

…it isn’t that I don’t want to update the website – it is just that I don’t remember too!

So, since my moment of glory in a national publication of the Alzheimer’s magazine ‘Living With Dementia’ there hasn’t really been that much happening in the world of Daryl.

Well on Tuesday it was my great-niece Bethany’s 8th birthday. I stayed the night at my nephew’s house so as I could be with her for her birthday party when she came home from school. We all had a lovely time and I know she enjoyed herself very much.

Today is my Mam’s 82nd birthday – I am going to see her later this afternoon and take her birthday card and also Mother’s Day card for tomorrow and her present as well. I shall be taking her out for a drink to Morrisons store restaurant with which she is familiar with, and that makes it so much easier to cope with caring for her.

Another new(ish) Apple Mac computer… again!


I did an exchange with my great niece in all honesty… She had always wanted an iMac and I had always wanted a MacBook Pro – we both had them, so we swapped.

It is very fast, smooth and was made in 2010… It has an Intel i5 dual-core processor with 4GB of DDR3 Ram memory. The screen, which is 13 inches has a resolution of 1400×900 but when plugged into an external monitor can easily obtain the 1920×1080 screen resolutions. It has a built-in nVidia graphics card which has 250MB and Intel’s graphics which let it run an additional 388MB graphics using the Ram Memory share.

The keyboard lights up which makes it a pleasure to type when it is actually dimmer in the room, ideal for these oncoming winter evenings, and the TrackPad is a doddle to use, providing you know the gestures of the Apple TrackPad and memorise them!

It is running the latest version of Apple’s main computer operating system, OS X (currently OS X Yosemite 10.10.1) and it also has Apple’s BootCamp installed which allows me to run Windows from Microsoft – and I have installed my legitimate version of Windows 8.1 Pro.

I wouldn’t be without it now!

I’m not nuts…

I may be crazy,
I may be weird, 
and perhaps I may seem nuts…

…but to go through
What I’m going through,
I know I’ve got some guts!

So the next time that you see me,
Please don’t think “he’s odd”…

…I’ve gotten this far through battling
I’m not such a daft old sod!!

© Daryl Lees 2014