I thought I lived in a ‘democracy’…

On 23 June 2016, 52% of the United Kingdom voted to leave the EU (European Union) – I was one of them…

After that day, I thought we could branch out after 40 plus years of choking EU bureaucracy that has stifled the UK and bonded it ever closer to a European ‘superstate’ – something that the UK never wanted, and when given the chance, chose to leave the rest of the political EU to their games.

Today, the lily-livered Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Theresa ‘the appeaser’ May, and her Cabinet at the PM country retreat house, Chequers, more or less rode over the democratic vote of the people on that day in June two years ago and surrendered our country to the EU, with the affront to say that we are ‘leaving’!

This won’t stand – they might have sold out to each other in that room they ‘battled’ it out together – but the rest of the nation is not going to sit idly by and see the government that was supposed to see the peoples’ will carried through, totally ignore it!



7th dementia anniversary…

It is 7 years ago this week that I was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s Disease at the Queens Medical Centre, Nottingham.

My life and outlook to it, changed in an instant that day… I was given heart monitoring and within three weeks put on medication that I now have to take for the rest of my life.

To make matters worse, if you’ve followed my Alzheimer’s story, you’ll be aware that I was actually caring for my mother and stepfather who both had the illness in the later stages… my stepfather has since died and my mother is in her care home getting the best help that she can.

I have had my ups and downs in the last seven years… the wobbles, the anger, the emotion – but I’ve got a care package in place now with the social services and have a support worker help me weekly and have everything in place for when the inevitable ‘oblivion’ happens, whenever that may be.

PIP entitlement finally sorted out…

I have had my PIP award claim been successfully allowed after a long, 5-month wait since having to apply for it and the interview with the medical assessor.

Today I received the news that I am to get enhanced mobility and enhanced care as from 27 July – which has been a massive relief because the wait has been very stressful… however, it is over with now and I can get on with my life without any more worry about the financial strains that have occurred for many with the transition from DLA to PIP.

Birthdays in the House of Daryl…

There have been a few birthdays these past few weeks in my immediate family that I will bring up to date.

Firstly, my baby great-kid Ryan turned from a baby into a toddler when he became 2 years old on 28 February… I brought him a ball pit and balls to go in it and he loves it very much.

Secondly, my great-kid Bethany turned 11 on the 10 March, and I gave her some money and brought her a stationary paper gift pack.

…and on the 14 March, my darling Mam turned 85 years old. She had a birthday party at my house and the great-kids came, as well as my two twin sisters, and we sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to her as we brought her birthday cake in for her.

I love all my family loads…