A long week ahead…

My support worker is going on holiday this week and isn’t due back to her carer’s role until a week on Monday… I wish her a very happy holiday, it has to be thoroughly earned.

On my four hour visit with her on Thursday gone, we tried to do as much as possible (and didn’t quite succeed) so as to make it more comfortable and manageable for me over the next nine days until she visits me again.

We went into town and did a massive shop to make sure that I had enough provisions to last me for nearly two weeks – and her fear I was having a seizure at the store’s checkout when the woman serving us told me how much the shopping bill had come to!

All my main utility bills are paid, and come her next visit, the others that will be due can be paid also – so there isn’t a problem financially as such, but emotionally there will be.

She is the only person I ever really have contact with on a personal level at my home… I very rarely have family members or visitors come and see me you see. There isn’t any physical or friendship emotion with her on a personal level at all, it is just the fact that you know you are definitely going to have a visitor that makes things tolerable – and suddenly realising that you probably aren’t going to see anyone at all for nearly a fortnight, with just yourself for company, is hardly knicker-wagging!

But I will get through it, as I normally do all such obstacles that come my way… but I have insisted that she brings me a stick of rock back!


Death of a family member…

I6990_1 am saddened this week to announce the death of my late father’s sister, my Aunty Clara, who has died at the age 86 following a struggle with Alzheimer’s Disease these past two years or so.

We were quite close, but these past few months she became increasingly more confused, and up to two weeks ago, never even acknowledged or recognised who I was.

Dementia runs on both sides of my parents’ families, but it within my father’s side, the illness takes a rapid and deteriorating approach much for quickly than that of my mother’s hereditary condition.

My Aunty Clara was a devout Christian, and no doubt there will be some religious ceremony at her funeral, but I must attend it, as both a representative of my late father, and also as someone who found himself over the years becoming very fond of his aunty… especially her humour, which couldn’t be very caustic and dry – quite like mine!

Be at peace Aunty Clara… you are with those you’ve loved and lost now – and more than that – you’re free!

It’s a funny old world…


After the disappointment of England failing miserably in the football World Cup 2014, Wimbledon started, and just as always, the majority of British players bombed out within the first two rounds…



English_flag…we have just one hope left, Andy Murray, the No 3 seed and last year’s Wimbledon Men’s Final winner – the first time a British man has won the championship in over seven decades.

There is bitter-sweet emotions to this… although he is British, and I am extremely proud of that, he has let his feelings known that he does it for his home country of Scotland, rather than for the rest of Great Britain as a whole. Whilst I understand his patriotism (I always say that I’m English first before I say I’m British), it has taken the edge off of wanting to support him fully to achieve the ‘double’.

uk4I do wish him well, but the support for him isn’t there, after he let his feelings known a few years ago, and I find that a shame because we don’t really have any more British taken that is worth shouting about, except for athletics.

Anyway, Mr Andy Murray, you will be British if you win Wimbledon this year… but perhaps next year???

The uneventful week…

I haven’t really got anything to write up about at all this week… because nothing has really happened that is significant or really worth a write up about – however, I will give it a go!

I have finally gotten my energy provider sorted and can get back to normal with them… after weeks of phone calls by my support worker and financial guide, we have got the cheque that I have been waiting for – but after having to threaten them with legal proceedings and going ‘public’ with my complaint and because of my conditions… I think they thought it wasn’t worth the publicity!

The weather has been really warm too… and that doesn’t help me in the slightest – because in all honesty, I could make an igloo melt! The heat doesn’t suit me, and I wilt very easily – and that is what has happened this week. I haven’t been out for a few days, mainly because I can’t get out on my own, and partly due to  the rather being so hot… I’m hoping it cold down a little during the next few days as it is the busy week for finances and shopping from next week for a few days.

So that is about it for this week… nothing really to write home about, but I’ve tried to give you a weekly update in the life of Daryl – although I know it hasn’t actually been ‘knicker-wagging’! 😉 

Going with the flow…

An uneventful week in the life of Daryl… until the last couple of days!

The other night (well early hours of the morning actually) I was awoken in my bed with the emergency services standing over me – thinking some people had broken into the bungalow and I was going to be attacked, even with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease, I flew out of bed in a semi-unconscious state!

It took them a couple of minutes to clam me down, and for me to gather my senses enough to work out with them what was happening. I have a security pendant on an elasticated bracelet that I wear around my wrist… I usually put this at the side of my bed when I’m going to sleep, but I must’ve fell asleep with it on. Whilst I was asleep, I must’ve caught the emergency red button and activated the care line that it is linked to… although they could hear on the other end of the care line was an occasional ‘huuh’ every few seconds. Thinking I was in trouble they sent the emergency responders out, and because I have a KeySafe fitted outside my door and the emergency services have the code – they let themselves in.

What actually happened was the noise the CareLine was actually hearing was the little electric fan that rotates every few seconds at the back of my iMac computer to help keep it cooler… they assumed (quite reasonably) that every time the fan rotated towards my CareLine respond box, they were thinking it was me gasping for breath!!

It’s nice to know that I am safe and that my emergency responders and program set-up is actually working and functional – and I do feel a right plonker because of it!!