Remembrance Day…

Lest we forget…


My 52nd birthday…

22713488_10155999710311802_4570631881627930346_oToday is my 52nd birthday and it has been a great day!

I stayed at my nephew’s house last night as the great-kids wanted me to be there for my birthday in the morning and after I had opened my birthday cards with them we all went to see my Mam at her care home. I took her to the café and she had a coffee and cake with me and the kids.

I then went shopping with them and brought the stuff to do a roast dinner as a birthday treat for myself and them and at teatime we all tucked into  chicken roast dinner, followed my Apple & Blackcurrant crumble and custard.

I have had a lovely day, which has been spent with the people I love most and that is all that you can ever need to be happy in the life – well I certainly am with it…

Burial of my stepfather’s ashes

21942274_10155903842536802_167045187_nLast Friday we buried the remains of my late stepfather’s ashes in the town’s local cemetery, bringing to an end over a month since his passing, the grieving process and moving on…

It was a very simple ceremony with no religious undertones. Just the undertaker with a casket for his ashes and a simple burial plot in the ‘cremation graves’ at the cemetery.

There was 10 of us there – we all took it in turn to hold the casket with his ashes in and think of something special about him, and then his two daughters (my stepsisters) placed the casket into the grave and we all threw a handful of burial soil onto it…

Onwards and upwards now, but with love and special memories of a very wonderful man, who I was proud to call my second ‘dad’.

Funeral of my stepfather Mac…

Mac portrait collage.PNG

Mac… and my immediate family who loved him and supported me on his funeral day

The funeral of my stepdad Mac, real name Richard Arthur McMurdo, has taken place on Wednesday 30 August 2017 at the Mansfield crematorium chapel.

The chapel was full to capacity with over 100 mourners who turned up to say goodbye to him and celebrate his life.

The preacher read part of an eulogy I wrote for him out for all to hear and every word that he said was written from my heart – he was just a lovely man and a wonderful dad to me, always looking at me as his son – just like I looked at him as my dad.

My mother Jill couldn’t go because of her condition, but she was mentioned and we made her a part of the day – for both us and for my stepdad – he was utterly devoted to her and loved her unconditionally.

I went to see him at the chapel of rest the day before and he looked very much at peace and free at last of the dementia and physical conditions that he had to deal with throughout his later life – and that was a relief to see after so much suffering.

We gave him a family wake at the Coronation Club, where he used to be chairman for 15 years from 1985-2000… It was a fitting place for it to be held as it had so many memories of lovely times we had when we were there and his wake felt like a throwback to one of those times, just that once – he’d have loved it.

I loved him very much and will miss him greatly, but like I have said… He is at peace and free at last.

Love you Mac – I always will xxx

My stepdad Mac has died…


Mac (Hogsthorpe)

My beloved stepdad Mac – be at peace xx

My beloved stepfather, Mac, has died at the age of 74 years on 10 August.

His real name was Richard Arthur McMurdo, which caused quite a chuckle from us all when my mother, Jill, married him in 1976 – because until that day we had only ever known him as ‘Mac’!

He married my Mam when I was just 5 days from my 11th birthday. He was always my second ‘Dad’ and was always there for me, throughout the bad as well as the many good times we shared, and my troublesome teenage rebellious years. In fact, he told me a few years ago, he wouldn’t have wanted it any other way – that has always stuck with me… we were a ‘team’, my Mam, Mac and me – and throughout the last 44 years that team was a bloody good one! It was strong, stable and always reliable – and love alone caused that bond.

I will miss so very much and will love him always

Be at peace my dad Mac xxx