Our Disunited Kingdom…

Union JackSo on Friday the result was in, and the people of Scotland chose to stay within our United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland…

…but it just doesn’t end there now: a genii has been unleashed out of the bottle that I don’t believe will ever be put back in again, and not just from the disquiet people of one and a half million Scots either!

Already there are calls that if Scotland are going to now receive all these extra powers for some kind of ‘Home Rule’ within the Union, then why shouldn’t the people of Wales, Northern Ireland, and significantly, England?

Why should MPs from constituencies in Scotland have the right to vote on policy matters that involve England, when in turn the English constituent MPs CAN’T vote on matters that involve Scotland?

Can you see the logic, and indeed problems that are going to arise because of this promise from Unionist leaders who wanted to keep Scotland in the ‘family of the Union’ and the growing unrest from all other citizens within the UK if they are going to be treated as ‘second rate’ to keep the Scottish people happy?

The referendum – you might think – should’ve resolved and sorted this problem out once and for all… in fact it has created a constitutional crisis the like of which the United Kingdom hasn’t faced since it was enacted into being over 370 years ago!


I’m not nuts…

I may be crazy,
I may be weird, 
and perhaps I may seem nuts…

…but to go through
What I’m going through,
I know I’ve got some guts!

So the next time that you see me,
Please don’t think “he’s odd”…

…I’ve gotten this far through battling
I’m not such a daft old sod!!

© Daryl Lees 2014

Abscess without leave…

So I never made it to Skegness…

On the day I was meant to go, I was awoken in the early hours with a very sharp, and aching pain on the top of my left leg – and found what I thought was a massive boil that looked like a giant nipple!

My support worker came that morning as she was taking me to the railway station to catch the train and I showed it her, and within 20 minutes I was at the GP surgery. After about an hour and a half waiting the nurse went for the GP who did a little surgery to lance it, put a clip on it and dressed it up. I was told then that it was an abscess and not a boil and it needed lancing to let the infection out. I have been given a course of antibiotics and if all is well, I haven’t got to go back, as I have been given some extra dressings to put on myself every other day.

So the seaside didn’t beckon, as seeing as though I haven’t been away for over 5 years now, I’m sure that I can wait a little while longer before I get actually get to the coast again.

A little update…

I’m going to the coast tomorrow – just for a couple of days to meet my nephew and his family who are already on holiday there.

I haven’t had a real holiday for over 5 years now so this couple of days will no doubt be hectic, but I know will definitely recharge the old batteries… that have certainly been a little flat of late.

My support worker is going to take me to Newark railway station and from there I am going to make my way to Lincoln, where I will catch the service bus to Skegness – and from there travel to Chapel-St-Leonards to meet the family around tea time.

I’ve done a travel itinerary for my times and have left me enough time to ‘hobble’ between the terminus and stations. I’ve also done a checklist and my support worker has helped me pack a shoulder bag for me to take with a change of clothes, medication and of course my mobile phone and charger!

I’m looking forward to it… the travelling, as I never thought I would do it again, and meeting my family members who are on holiday there and those that live there too.

It’s also my great nephew Joshua Daryl’s birthday on Friday and I will be able to see him on it now as well.

Good days…

My iMac… and the magical of it



As I progress through my condition, the appearance of my writing and state of my spelling leaves a lot to be desired… in fact even I struggle to see what I have written myself!

This is where my iMac and MacBook, and in particular Apple computers come into their own. They have, as standard a built-in word autocorrect that you can turn on through the Language settings of the System Preferences – Windows doesn’t have this feature built in as standard through any program where to have to type. But OS X does and why I love Apple computers in particular.

Also with the Apple OS X desktop compared to Windows desktops, you can add ‘Live’ wallpaper that looks so realistic, compared to the Windows 3D animated that you get… actual film clips can be run in the background, without it disrupting any other app running and because each app on a Mac computer is allocated its own RAM memory percentage, this won’t be shared with any other app you run, so therefore each app runs individually on its own ‘steam’ so to speak.

I use a live desktop app called ‘Living Weather HD’, which I purchased when it was on a 80% discount (£0.69) and with this I get an animated realtime clock which you can set at either 12 or 24 hours, the up-to-the-minute weather forecast, updated every minute, from your own town (either using System Location sensors or manually typing in your town) and a live animated desktop background feature using the current weather conditions at the time – and these past couple of weeks sure have been sunny and hot here in the Great East Midlands!

I’ve added a 10+ second clip of it, just to show what I mean… I can feel quite relaxed just looking at my iMac desktop without even using the computer – the scenes are simply beautiful!


Enjoy —>